Scratch off World Map - Blue Ocean Version

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  • NEW PREMIUM DESIGN, BLUE OCEAN WITH US STATES AND NATION FLAGS - This Scratch off map poster is a 2018 NEW DESIGN with PREMIUM material, creates a LARGE travel size scratch map poster (32.5"x23.4") with blue ocean and silver foil of cover layer. The map includes 252 FLAGS: 206 states of UN and 46 other countries/territories. It's beautifully detailed cartography for all FAMOUS CITIES, also outlined of ALL US STATES (Of course, with NEW JERSEY).

  • SPECIAL GIFTS FOR YOUR LOVERS, EDUCATION TOOL FOR CHILDREN - This landmass scratch map is a GREAT IDEA for your children, who are LEARNING about WORLD GEOGRAPHY or U.S STATES. It helps them to discover what they are learning in books by INTERACTING with maps. It is great for a group of children, or couple, or group of friends, using this map scratching to find all places that they know, visited or plan to go. This’s also a SPECIAL GIFT for your friends, your family members, your colleagues.

  • TRACK AND MARK YOUR ADVENTURES - This is a SPECIAL GIFT for people with WANDERLUST, TRAVELERS, EXPLORERS, and especially for YOURSELF: A travel map scratch off - World map scratch off. You can track, mark all cities, countries that you have VISITED, you are PLANNING to visit or your DREAMED places. You shall be able to keep track all of your JOURNEYS, your DISCOVERIES and your DREAMS in just one map.

  • WONDERFUL WALL DECORATION - This large scratch off map of the world poster is a PERFECT IDEA for wall decoration. It’s MUCH DIFFERENT with other boring maps. With this BEAUTIFUL world scratch map, you not only see, but also INTERACT with it. It’s so WONDERFUL when you see the scratch world map revealed step by step, with regards to more and more PLACES THAT YOU VISITED. Under the silver layer, it’s a stunning watercolor world map scratch that you can PERSONALIZED it.

  • DOUBLE ACCESSORIES FOR SCRATCH PENS AND PLASTIC SCRATCH TOOLS – We are trying our best to give you BEST PACKAGE of products and accessories, for all your purposes. You have all in just 1 package: a premium scratch world map, a beautiful tube to protect your map, a cloth bag, a cloth, and MUCH SPECIAL - we give you DOUBLE scratch pens and DOUBLE plastic scratch tools - that you will be easier for couple or group games! GET YOURS TODAY! and be READY for YOUR GIFTS AND ADVENTURES.